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List of European Freight Exchanges



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Latest update: 07.01.18

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The choice of European Freight Exchanges is growing and therefore more and more confusing. We have collected addresses of the most known of these exchanges (171).

Find the freight exchange that suits your needs. Our links in the list below will take you right to the individual provider.

Should there be addresses missing, please let us know!
All entries are without engagement!

Latest addition www.eulogis.com - a new European freight exchange!
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www.1a-cargo.com against fee


www.321trans.com against fee
3 www.aktuell3000.com against fee - 30 days free of charge
4 www.anyvanpro.com against fee
5 www.auto-loads.com against fee
6 www.autoregister.info against fee
7 www.avm-frachtboerse.de against fee - 2 weeks free
8 www.B2pweb.com against fee
9 www.belcargo.com against fee
10 www.boneris.de against fee
11 www.bourse-transport.com free of charge
12 www.box24.de against fee
13 www.cargo.lt still free of charge
14 www.cargoagent.net against fee
15 www.cargo-bay.de against fee - 3 months free testing
16 www.cargoclick.de against fee (free for shippers)
17 www.cargoclix.com fee in case of success
18 www.cargocore.com against fee
19 www-cargo-networking.de free of charge for basic version!
20 www-cargonexx.de free of charge
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21 www.cargopool.com free of charge
22 www.cargoquery.com free of charge
23 www.cargorent.de against fee
24 www.cargotrans.net against fee
25 www.cargotrax.eu free of charge
26 www.cargowelt.com free of charge
27 www.charter-bau.de against fee
28 www.check-cargo.com against fee
29 www.ciloly.com against fee
30 www.clickapoint.de free of charge
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31 www.coolload.com free of charge (only refrigerated cargo)
32 www.courierdates.com against fee (free for shippers)
33 www.courierexchange.co.uk against fee
34 www.courierlink.net free of charge
35 www.couriernet.de 3 months free trial period
36 www.courierwave.de against fee
37 www.dbstv.de free of charge
38 www.delego.com against fee
39 www.deusches-transportgewerbe.de free of charge
40 www.direka.com against fee
41 www.dpd.net free of charge
42 www.drive.to/Frachtboerse free of charge
43 www.easysped.de against fee
44 www.e-freight.de against fee
45 www.e-kurier.net against fee
46 www.etreg.com free of charge
47 www.euload.com 3 months free of charge
48 www.eulogis.com free of charge
49 www.europeancargo.de against fee
50 www.eurofreightexchange.com free of charge
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51 www.euro-sped.com against fee
52 www.expressboerse.de against fee
53 www.fas-web.de against fee
54 www.findfreight.biz free of charge
55 www.flexwork.sk against fee (30 days free!)
56 www.fracht-24.de free of charge /D/RU/E
57 www.fracht-cargo.com against fee
58 www.frachtenboerse-otto.de against fee
59 www.frachtenonline.de free of charge
60 www.frachtentreff.de 2 months free of charge
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61 www.frachtintern.com against fee
62 www.fracht-monitor.de free of charge
63 www.frachtnetz.com free of charge
64 www.frachtportal.net free of charge
65 www.fracht.prv.pl free of charge
66 www.fracht-suche.de against fee
67 www.frachtvergabe.de against fee
68 www.freecargo.com free of charge
69 www.freecargo.co.uk free of charge
70 www.freight2mail.com against fee (free trial period)
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71 www.freightex.com against fee
72 www.freightexchangeonline.com against fee
73 www.freighttender.com free of charge (5% commission if successful)
74 www.freight-x.net against fee
75 www.furgoexpress.com free of charge
76 www.gestiontransporte.com free of charge
77 www.glomap.com free of charge
78 www.hansecargo.de free of charge
79 www.haulageexchange.com against fee
80 www.heipex.com against fee - 14 days free for testing
81 www.heytruck.com against fee
82 www.intelogistica.com against fee
83 www.intercargoline.de against fee
84 www.intertir.co.yu against fee
85 www.intreks.com free of charge
86 www.kapalog.eu against fee - free trial period
87 www.krogonet.com free of charge (specialised on heavy lifts)


www.kurier.com free of charge


www.kurier.de free of charge
90 www.kurierexpress24.de free of charge
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www.kurierportal.com against fee


www-kurier-scout.de against fee


www.ladex.de free of charge
94 www.ladung24.de against fee (free trial period)
95 www.ladungen.de free of charge
96 www.ladungssuche.de against fee


www.leertour.de free of charge
98 www.lkwonline.de against fee
99 www.lkw-walter.com LOADS TODAY - free of charge
100 www.loadup.co.uk against fee (partially free)
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101 www.logifix.com free of charge
102 www.logintrans.de free of charge
103 www.logisped.de free of charge
104 www.logistia.com against fee
105 www.logistic-web.net 5% commission upon success
106 www.logpilot.com against fee
107 www.markettrans.com against fee
108 www.mitschickzentrale.de free of charge
109 www.mtvan.com against fee
110 www.mycargo.de free of charge
111 www.mydriver.org against fee
112 www.myspedition.net  
113 www.nolis-cargo.com selected services against fee
114 www.ofertrans.com against fee
115 www.plaincup.com free of charge (details of clients against fee)
116 www.qtrans.eu 3 months free trial period
117 www.raal.cz against fee (4 weeks free of charge)
118 www.raumobil.de free of charge
119 www.returnloads.net against fee
120 www.return-loads-from.com against fee
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121 www.rückbefrachter.de free of charge
122 www.schuettgut-boerse.de against fee
123 www.sharedload.com free of charge
124 www.shiply.com against fee
125 www.siloladungsboerse.de against fee
126 www.soforttransport.com partially free of charge
127 www.spaki.com free of charge
128 www.spedi.de free of charge
129 www.spediter.com against fee
130 www.spediteur.de free of charge
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131 www.spedition.de free of charge
132 www.speditionline.de against fee
133 www.spenak.com 6 months free of charge
134 www.stoffstrom.de free of charge
135 www.stueckgutscout.de partly free of charge
136 www.stutensee.com/rwr free of charge
137 www.svg-frachten.de free of charge - only by phone
138 www.telelogistik.com against fee - 6 months free!
139 www.teleroute.de against fee
140 www.teletransport.net against fee
141 www.thecargoexchange.com against fee
142 www.tidor.de against fee
143 www.timocom.de against fee
144 www.tirexpress.net against fee
145 www.totallyfreight.com partially free of charge
146 www.trans.eu 30 days free of charge!
147 www.transbank.com against fee - 30 days free trial period
148 www.transbaz.com against fee
149 www.translogfreight.eu still free of charge
150 www.translogic2000.com free of charge until 12/31/2006!
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151 www.translogistica.com against fee
152 www.trans-market.net free of charge
153 www.transpobank.com against fee
154 www.transp.ro free of charge
155 www.transport.artinet.eu against fee
156 www.transport.md free of charge Geotrans (D/RU/ROM)
157 www.transportboerse.com free of charge
158 www.transport-drehscheibe.de against fee
159 www.transporti.net free of charge
160 www.transportinfocenter.com free of charge
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161 www.transport-total.com free of charge
162 www.transportunternehmen.de free of charge
163 www.transportvermittlung-hu.de against fee
164 www.transportwelt.com free of charge
165 www.truck-load.com against fee
166 www.truckload24.com 2 months free!
167 www.truxter.com against fee
168 www.uship.com against fee
169 www.webfreight.co.uk free of charge
170 www.wtransnet.com against fee D/E/SPAN
171 www.zipmend.com Basic version is free of charge